Explore Computer Coding

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Many students never consider a career in computers because they have never been exposed to computer coding. Both you and your child can challenge your problem solving skills and learn the basics of computer coding through the website http://www.code.org.

This amazing resource is a collaborative effort of some of the top technology companies. Their mission is to give all students in the world a chance to learn computer coding, giving them access to technology careers. They have created game based programs for you to learn the basics through block coding or through javascript if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Most children in my class have an account, but anyone can use the programs on their website, and I promise you will find it engaging and challenging!

Try lightbot, starwars, minecraft, or explore other programs they have to offer!

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Design a Minecraft program on code.org!

Snow Days


Winter has finally arrived! Please make sure that you have your child’s snow day packet. If you need a replacement you can print all the documents here, or you can email me or write me a note in your child’s agenda, and I will send you a new one.

On the first snow day your child completes the “day 1 checklist”, and the second snow day they will do the “day 2 checklist”. It is very important that your child completes every activity on the checklist and spends the required amount of time. As always, email me if you have any questions at all! I can access usernames and passwords for programs like IXL and Lexia, and I am happy to help you troubleshoot any technology issues.

If you told me that you don’t have reliable internet for your child I have included paper work for each day. These reading and math activities only replace the online reading and math components of the checklist. Your child still needs to complete everything else (writing, math menu, etc.)