Academic Resources

Below are resources for you to use at home to brush up on skills, practice what we’re doing in class, and explore something new. Click the name of the program below to go straight to that website or resource.



  • ReadnQuiz: take a quiz on a book you’ve read to check comprehension
  • Books on Lexile Level: find books in our school library on your child’s correct Lexile level. Choose Lexile from the drop menu under “reading program”.
  • Lexia Core 5: interactive reading and phonics games
  • Reading Plus: comprehension and vocabulary practice


  • Hour of Code: Learn to code computers with fun programs like Minecraft! Click here to play coding games without an account.
    • click here if you have an account for my class

Virtual Field Trips:

  • Museo Galileo: Explore the history of science.
  • Google Art Project: Explore art and museums from around the world. If you click “museum view only” it will filter to show only museums that allow you to virtually walk around inside.
  • Panoramic Views of places like the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, and more!
  • The White House: Take an interactive tour of where the President of the United States lives.
  • Smithsonian: Explore the Smithsonian museum.Follow the blue arrows to walk the halls and view the exhibits.
  • Ellis Island: Take an interactive tour of Ellis Island complete with pictures and audio. Then read some stories about immigrants today!

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